Elemental Analysis

X-Ray Fluorescence provides fast elemental analysis to deliver the data you need to make decisions quickly. Since our equipment is portable, analysis can be done outside of our lab on location and in real time. Operated by our experienced mudloggers, the process is non-destructive and provides elemental composition of a sample within minutes. Results are conveniently available on our website for review or to download at any time.

Elemental composition reported for everyting from Magnesium to Uranium.

XRF is proving to be a valuable resource in oil and gas exploration. Through analysis of major and trace elements of rocks, XRF data can be used in the following areas of interpretation:

  • Inferred Mineralogy and Lithology
    • Aids in Real-Time Bit Selection
  • Chemostratigraphy
  • Porosity
  • Permeability
  • Fracability
  • Productivity
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