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The two wells that we drilled were arguably the most important wells of our careers. It was paramount that we performed up to standards set by our financial backers and established ourselves as competent operators in the Delaware Basin. MCWL was a huge part of our success. Their communication and level of investment in the wells were really impressive. I personally feel that the best service providers are those that feel personally responsible for the success of the well and I feel like that is exactly what MCWL provided.

Michael Hale
VP Exploration, Novo Oil & Gas, LLC.

“I just wanted to let you know what a great job your crew is doing out on my well. I asked Trevor and Cody to catch 5’ samples and do real-time XRF for us for the last 415’ of drilling. I know that’s not an easy job, but they stepped right up and said “no problem” when I asked them to do it. They made sure they had a couple of extra hands out there ready to help with the samples and have been cranking through those samples for the last 24 hours straight. We can usually rely on gamma data to land our Springer curve and we just use the XRF as a confirmation of where we are in section. This well was very different. We had very little gamma contrast and without the XRF, we would have interpreted the well to be much higher in section. We relied very heavily on our XRF data to make the call to land the well and run our liner. This is a $13MM well that requires a proper placement of the liner and we think that we are right where we need to be based on the data your team provided to us. Their service is top notch and I really enjoy working with them.”

Shannon Lemke
Staff Geologist, Vitruvian Exploration II, LLC.

I have to give Blake credit, he’s a hell of a logger and passionate about his work. Y’all got a good one in him! If we drill another one out there I’d like to request him in advance! Thank y’all.  It’s really a relief to finally find loggers that give a damn!

Justin Polasek
Geologist, Urban Oil & Gas

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