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MCWL is dedicated to the safety of our employees. We take a proactive approach to put in place policies, programs, and procedures that foster a safe workplace and reduce the risk of accidents. Our safety record over that past 27 years is excellent.

MCWL uses the OSHA Compliance Suite to ensure that all standards are met in our Safety Manual and in our work environments. It is regularly updated to include any new requirements that may occur. Supervisors regularly visit job sites to monitor safe workplace practices. MCWL is committed to protecting our employees and any visitors to our work spaces.

Our Safety


OSHA Compliance

safe workplace

proper procedures

Need Content

  • StarSteer by ROGII
  • Stoner Engineering Software (SES)
  • Steer-Tools ™
  • Active Totco and Pason users

We can find a better image if this is not right. I am not sure how to use the Gamma Ray reading here. I would need a little larger/higher quality images. 

Content Needed

Whether we are working in collaboration with operations geologists, or as an independent 3rd-party geosteering service, we provide a steady hand and timely, consistent reporting.         

  • Fully customizable, 2-10 page reports
  • Report frequency as desired
    • Every Survey (standard)
    • Bi-daily
    • Periodically by request
  • Effective communication between reports as needed

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