Our loggers have many years of experience logging both verticals and horizontals in all major potential pay zones. Over 80% of our wells in the past 10 years have been horizontals. We target degreed geologists and seasoned mud loggers when adding to our team. Extensive, ongoing training is provided in all aspects of rig operation, the use of all mud logging equipment, and in detailed sample analysis. Apprentice loggers are assigned to a mentor until they master the nuances of logging excellence. All loggers are required to communicate fully with geologists running the well and to provide daily reports and logs at requested frequency and formats. It is also important that they communicate with all rig personnel to provide critical information and to keep their finger on the pulse of day to day operations.

Onsite Analytic Gas Equipment

We are proud to offer a range of accurate and reliable hydrocarbon detection systems. Most popular being, the infrared/Chromatograph gas detection unit and a one of a kind flame ionization detection system (FID) which incorporates high-resolution hydrocarbon analysis of C1- nC5 with a cycle time of only 30 seconds. 

Both systems are extremely rugged, compact and portable with very little maintenance which in turn produces minimal equipment down time. 

FID Gas Box

Mud Logging Deliverables

Continuous mud log creation including all pertinent drilling information.

Daily correlation to operator provided offsets in Vertical sections.

Complete ROP data added to the mud log.

Daily mud report data added to the log.

Optional XRF data plotted on the mud log.

Continuous gas monitoring with total hot wire and chromatograph system – data added to the mud log.

Drill cuttings sample collection, analysis, and thorough description on the mud log including fluorescence and cut. One set of dry samples delivered to the operating company after drilling completion.

Daily updated mud log emailed to Operator distribution list. Mud logs are created using Wellsight software (free reader available for download). The logs can be provided in various formats including PDF, LAS, and TIFF.

Services tailored to your needs: Vertical & horizontal log formats, sample photos, lithology %, show reports, TVD logs, and more.

Vertical & Horizontal Mudlog Samples

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