Norman, OK – Mid Continent Well Logging Service (MCWL) and Paladin Geological Services have announced that they are teaming up in partnership, combining their nearly 40 years of experience in the industry. These leaders of geochemistry are both excited to bring their unique expertise together, combining MCWL’s experience and standards and Paladin’s fresh, new ideas, to take operations to a new level with the most technical abilities in the industry. Guy Pryor, Founder and President of MCWL said, “This partnership is truly going to elevate the level of quality expected and I could not be more excited.”

Pryor continues, “This alliance will elevate our abilities to compete on a higher level by combining the highly experienced mudlogging and geo-steering of MCWL with Paladin’s broad array of geoscience services backed by an exceptional support team. We feel this alliance will provide our clients with superior services in a safe environment, thus elevating our client’s success. We are so excited to move forward.”

Mid Continent Well Logging Service has provided operators in the Oil and Gas industry with the most dependable and accurate mud logging services since 1990. Located in Norman, Oklahoma, MCWL has logged wells throughout Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, Illinois, Colorado, South Dakota, and Louisiana. Through boom and bust, MCWL has remained a reliable and stable source for quality hydrocarbon logs. Nearly 80% of Mid Continent’s wells over the last eight years have been horizontal wells, and their loggers are some of the most experienced in both vertical and horizontal drilling. MCWL backs up their loggers with 24-hour service technicians to ensure that they are gathering as much information as possible with little downtime. These practices have set the standard for well logging. Now with the new deliverable MCWL has developed, LithoSTEER™, they are able customize comprehensive logs that integrates geosteering, mudlogging and geochemistry data into one, allowing MCWL to lead the industry in exciting new ways that were previously unknown,

Since its inception in 2012, Paladin Geological Services dedicated immense resources towards building a variety of technologies geared towards wellsite analytical services which facilitated data collection, analysis, and real-time interpretation. Providing clients with the necessary tools and results to make key decisions towards maximizing drilling and production success. During the years of operation, Paladin established various wellsite geochemical analyses and interpretative consulting, resulting in a new era of analytical capabilities stemming from standard mudlogging services. Their geochemistry has dedicated considerable resources to developing the most advanced wellsite geochemistry program available. For many years, they have participated in various geochemical projects in the major basins across the U.S. including, The Gulf of Mexico, Bakken, Marcellus, Utica, Permian, Anadarko, Ardmore, Fort Worth, South Texas, and DJ basins. 

As the necessity for various data collection and analyses continue to grow in the oil & gas industry, Paladin has managed to lead the forefront and establish themselves as a key provider of such services. Andrew Sneddon, Chief Operating Officer and lead geochemist stated, “The partnership between MCWL and Paladin is a necessary convergence, enabling a new era of advanced wellsite services to fully grow. This partnership between MCWL and Paladin will blend the strengths in both companies, setting a new standard when it comes to wellsite capabilities and quality services. Operators will be able to experience the same core geological quality in mudlogging while having the availability to further understand their petroleum systems through our advanced technologies.” 

The union of these two companies will allow them to elevate not only their capabilities but also their quality of work. By combining their strengths, MCWL and Paladin are excited to offer their clients a new standard that has been missing in the well logging industry. To learn more, contact 405-360-7333 or