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Our Approach

MCWL is dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients at an affordable price. We achieve this through a combination of quality personnel, excellence in our work, ongoing technological improvement, high safety standards, and environmental awareness.

Success begins with quality personnel and the MCWL team is the pride of our company. Our loggers have many years of experience logging both verticals and horizontals in all major potential pay zones. Over 80% of our wells in the past 10 years have been horizontals. We target degreed geologists and seasoned mud loggers when adding to our team. Extensive, ongoing training is provided in all aspects of rig operation, the use of all mud logging equipment, and in detailed sample analysis. Apprentice loggers are assigned to a mentor until they master the nuances of logging excellence. All loggers are required to communicate fully with geologists running the well and to provide daily reports and logs at requested frequency and formats. It is also important that they communicate with all rig personnel to provide critical information and to keep their finger on the pulse of day to day operations.

One thing that separates MCWL from other mudlogging companies is the consistent excellence of our mudlogs and our dedication to timely service. Despite the fact that our logs are highly customizable based on operator desires, loggers are required to follow strict protocols regarding mudlog appearance and content. Vertical and horizontal logs are tailored to your needs and can be in various sizes and formats. Besides ROP, gas, lithography, sample descriptions, drilling data, cut & fluorescence, they can include many other features including lithography %, sample pictures, and XRF plots. Logs are checked each morning by supervisors to ensure that they meet standards. Our loggers will provide geologists with daily correlation logs to offsets (if provided) on vertical sections. Service technicians are on call 24 hours a day to minimize downtime due to equipment failures. A dedicated team will follow a well from logging depth to TD and stay with a rig as it moves to a new location for the same company and geologist. We do everything possible to provide the highest quality service to our clients.

MCWL uses state of the art equipment and software to help maximize accurate, dependable information that enables maximized well production potential. We build our high quality gas detection systems and gas traps in our shop to help minimize costs to operators. Software is regularly updated to provide the latest and best versions.

MCWL is dedicated to the safety of our employees. We take a proactive approach to put in place policies, programs, and procedures that foster a safe workplace and reduce the risk of accidents. Our safety record over that past 27 years is excellent. MCWL uses the OSHA Compliance Suite to ensure that all standards are met in our Safety Manual and in our work environments. It is regularly updated to include any new requirements that may occur. Supervisors regularly visit job sites to monitor safe workplace practices. MCWL is committed to protecting our employees and any visitors to our work spaces.

MCWL is committed to providing quality service while minimizing our impact on the environment. We operate in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation while striving to use environmental best practices. Employees are encouraged to provide effective stewardship of the environment as they carry out their duties.

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From Our Clients

  • It makes my job so much easier when I have such good and dependable loggers out on the rig. I ask a lot of them and they always do it, and do it well. MCWL deserves a lot of credit for our success in the Springer.

    Shannon Lemke, Staff Geologist, Vitruvian Exploration II, LLC
  • I wanted to let you know how well Blake and Aaron did for us. I have had quite a few different loggers work for me in the past, and I can honestly say that Blake and Aaron take the cake. Whether it was being thorough on work performed, answering questions, or expressing concerns, these guys were on top of it. Every time I called, they answered and were always willing to help. They were key to helping me determine where we were tvd and where I needed to go based off of their sample descriptions. They went above and beyond to ensure I was happy with how the log was setup and services performed. As a geologist, one thing I ask for is good communication and they performed well at that as well. Overall, these two guys were on their A game so make sure they don’t go anywhere.

    Chris Babb, Geologist, SK Plymouth
  • I have to give Blake credit, he's a hell of a logger and passionate about his work. Y'all got a good one in him! If we drill another one out there I'd like to request him in advance! Thank y'all.  It's really a relief to finally find loggers that give a damn!

    Justin Polasek, Geologist, Urban Oil & Gas
  • I just wanted to let you know what a great job your crew is doing out on my well.  I asked Trevor and Cody to catch 5’ samples and do real-time XRF for us for the last 415’ of drilling.  I know that’s not an easy job, but they stepped right up and said “no problem” when I asked them to do it.  They made sure they had a couple of extra hands out there ready to help with the samples and have been cranking through those samples for the last 24 hours straight.  We can usually rely on gamma data to land our Springer curve and we just use the XRF as a confirmation of where we are in section.  This well was very different.  We had very little gamma contrast and without the XRF, we would have interpreted the well to be much higher in section.  We relied very heavily on our XRF data to make the call to land the well and run our liner.  This is a $13MM well that requires a proper placement of the liner and we think that we are right where we need to be based on the data your team provided to us.  Their service is top notch and I really enjoy working with them.

    Shannon Lemke, Staff Geologist, Vitruvian Exploration II, LLC
  • Great work by both of the loggers on this well, it was a tight target and we pretty much nailed it!

    Garrett Reasnor, District Geologist, Chaparral Energy