MCWL Geosteering

MCWL is an industry leader in efficient wellbore placement.  We employ a diverse, multi-disciplined team of experienced geosteering geologists, each holding at least a bachelor’s degree in geology as well as backgrounds in operations and well-site geology. Our clients gain peace of mind knowing that their wells are treated with the diligence and foresight that only an experienced and dedicated geosteering team can provide. Our proficiency with tools and data, and our innovative and proprietary, LithoSTEER, used in conjunction with any geosteering software, elevates our geosteering services to a new industry standard.

Our goal is simple – to utilize all resources to lower drilling time, while maximizing exposure to targeted pay zones.

Geosteering Services

24/7 Remote Steering

24/7 Onsite Steering

Night Steering

Weekends & Holidays



StarSteer by ROGII

Detailed Reporting

Whether we are working in collaboration with operations geologists, or as an independent 3rd-party geosteering service, we provide a steady hand and timely, consistent reporting.         

  • Fully customizable, 2-10 page reports
  • Report frequency as desired
    • Every Survey (standard)
    • Bi-daily
    • Periodically by request
  • Effective communication between reports as needed



This is a new deliverable that integrates Geosteering, Mud Logging, and Geochemistry Data into a fully comprehensive log geared towards completions planning and post-drilling efficiency. LithoSTEER can integrate any integer-based data set and can be fully customized to fit the requirements of each operator.

Geosteering Data Integration Proficiency

Grid Data

Seismic Images

Azimuthal Gamma


Heat Maps

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